#Children's Rights
West Sussex County Council
United Kingdom

The Camelia Botnar Childrens Centre NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT to stay open. It is a valuable local service in West Sussex that provides nursery places for pre-school children with special and additional needs. Offering nursery places to these young children allows them to learn through play, socialize and support them to reach their full potential.

This is the only centre of its kind in West Sussex.

It is a charity, and since its major funding was stopped it has been surviving on grants and amazing local fundraisers to keep the centre open. However the centre is now in financial crisis and is set to close its doors for good in July 2014.

With your SUPPORT we want the powers that be, to sit up and REALISE the implications that closing such an important Centre will have on the children and families of the West Sussex Community. This Centre is a cornerstone of the local community and has helped countless amounts of children and families throughout the 35 years it has been open.

THANKYOU for YOUR support in signing this epetition :) you are making a real difference!

For more information on the Camelia Botnar Childrens Centre visit www.cameliabotnar.org.uk

Or email us at parents4cbcc@outlook.com


We, the undersigned , call on West Sussex County Council to keep Camelia Botnar Children's Centre open, so that as a charity, it can keep providing essential nursery places for pre-school children with special and additional needs in the West Sussex Area.

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