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– Although the law states that both parents have an equal obligation to support their children, the amount of the support obligation depends on many factors. However, a parent should not deny the non-custodial parent the right of visitation because they are behind in their support payments. Jymius feels that parents must co-parent right out of the gate just in case things go awry within the two parents’ physical relationship.
The E.J.P.D.I. was created with the sole aim of getting registered voters and potential voters to sign a petition which would create a law assuring parenting orders are in full effect prior to support orders being put into effect.
The E.J.P.D.I law makes it clear that paying child support and parenting time (visitation) are two separate things. Even if the paying parent does not see their children, they still have to pay child support. The parent who receives child support cannot cut off the paying parent's court-ordered parenting time (visitation), even if they are not paying child support.
In a recent interview, Wright is also known as Geek82 said, “Have you ever went to Walmart & paid for something in full and not left with the product? Well, that's how it feels being a parent paying child support and having your kids or kid withheld from you because of vindictiveness.”
Indeed, Jymius believes that the E.J.P.D.I law would go a long way in rectifying the issues pledging child support and co-parenting. He has dreams of Missouri and other States in the U.S.A pushing for new laws fair to both mothers and fathers.
For more information about the E.J.P.D.I law, kindly go online to: https://starrreeves3.wixsite.com/theejpdilaw
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Contact Person: Jymius Brantan Wright
Email: jymius91@yahoo.com

- No parent male or female should be forced to pay support prior to having at least a year to seek some type of parental custody.

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