#Residential Disputes
Watts Boarding Home
United States of America

My name is Peter(nickname) 'Pang', I need mediation with Watt's Boarding Home located on 695 Irma in Beaumont, Texas(zip code: 77701).

I have been a boarder or tenant at Watts Boarding Home for 9 month, since June 11th 2004. I have been steadily improving on my medication, I want to apply for Beaumont Housing, or Apartments. I am well enough to help myself within an individual living environment. I am in the process of applying BHA or Apartments, but Watts Boarding Home registrants owners do not generally agree.

Additonal Concern:
Watts Boarding Home registrants have a tendency to torment. Most tenants are schizo. I trust Watts Boarding Home cares about satisfying their customers, boarders or tennants, I hope for my request to be resolved and the matter closed.

Additional details about myself:
Texas resident for seven years, graduated from BHS, GISD(Galveston, Texas) in 1994. Applied readmission at Lamar University with Service For Students With Disabilities SFSWD.
Legal Permanent Resident
Current age: 28 (DOB: 93)

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