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Breakwaters are structures built parallel to the shoreline and seaward of the beach designed to protect the beach and upland areas by causing waves to break and dissipate their energy before reaching the shore.

This type of technology is very short-sighted and doesnt truly address the erosional problem.

Please sign this petition and take action and let your county commissioners know that you are opposed to the lack of public participation in these projects.

We, the undersigned, supporters of the Surfrider Foundation Palm Beach County Chapter, oppose the plans proposed by the Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management Environmental Enhancement and Restoration Division (ERM) to construct breakwaters at Singer Island, Jupiter Inlet and/or Lantana for the following reasons:

1.) Destroys or Degrades Public Trust Resources;
2) Allocates tax dollars to benefit a very small group of people;
3) Risk to juvenile fish populations;
4) Creates a nautical hazard;
5) Concerns about turtle hatchling success;
6) Diminishes natural beauty of beaches;
7) Danger to public safety due to rip currents and slip and fall hazard;
8) And most importantly, not a long-term solution to the real problem of coastal erosion.

While Surfrider Foundation recognizes the problem of beach erosion, we feel that public funds would be better spent on projects like sand transfer plants at the inlets that address the real problem and benefit larger areas of the coastline.

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