#Students' Rights
Village of Lombard
United States of America

Schafer school has no marked crosswalks around the school grounds. There is no indication to drivers that they must yield to students when they are entering the streets before or after school.

The principal has contacted the Village of Lombard in the previous years to no avail. Now that Illinois has passed a state law protecting pedestrians in crosswalks the students of Schafer Elementary School have the right to safe crossing around their school.

This is a village issue and needs to be addressed for the students safety.

We the undersigned, call on he Village of Lombard to provide Schafer Elementary School with painted crosswalks around the school on the mentioned streets; Clarendon/Pleasant, Pleasant/Kramer, Berkshire/Pleasant. These are requested in accordance to the Illiniois State Law 625 IL CS 5 Illinois vehicle code making it finable violation for drivers who do not yield to students crossing around Schafer Elementary School.

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