#Animal Welfare
Home Based Animal Shelters/Sanctuarys/ Home Breeders
United States of America

House fire kills 65 animals. 30 Dogs,20 cats, 15 birds died. 110 animals inc. wildlife, inside a small 1200 sq foot Cape. House on less than 1/4 acre. Dog Rescue/Welcome Home Sanctuary, also Wildlife Rehabilitator that was not for profit, did not require any Town Permits, in a residential neighborhood. Home was in Horrendous condition inside and out. Extreme unsanitary conditions for humans and animals.

We, the undersigned, call on all Towns and Counties, in the State of NY to Require Permits For and Codes to be strictly enforced, regarding Animals in Home Based Shelters/Sanctuarys/ Home Breeders. House and yard sizes should appropriate for animals housed inside and out. Close proximity to neighbors, in residential areas to be taken in consideration. Health Dept. Codes strictly enforced. To be inspected regularly by Town and Health Depts. Smoke and fire alarm connected to a central station, local fire/police departments aware of what kind and how many animals on property. Substantial amount of human and monetary care needed to properly provide for/protect/care for such animals.

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