Oxhorn, MxR Mods/Mxr Plays, and ESO.

ESO, providing all our tips and tricks to guide us in both Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

Oxhorn, giving us all the lore we could possibly ever need, even when we don’t need it, but making it seem we do.

MxR, giving us all our mod reccomendations in his mod series as well as helping us confirm and debunk all the myths relating to IMMERSION.

-and Potastic Panda(yeah Jeannie), a fun, loving person who probably hides her own massive stash of Panda Bears where MxR cannot find.

These four people are all people we(most likely) know and have atleast heard at one point in our gaming lives, so upon the release of the new Fallout title, Fallout 76, I am asking for these four amazing homosapiens to join together as one team in Fallout: 76, making a new series where all our favorite people work together to survive in the loving post-apocalyptic world of West Virginia, to rebuild the wasteland!

You will be signing to request these youtubers:
ESO - Fallout and Elder Scrolls Guides
MxR Mods
...and Potastic Panda(Affiliated with MxR)

To join together in the gaming universe of Fallout: 76 as team mates(since the current theory is that the maximum players allowed within a team are four) and to create a YouTube series featuring them playing Fallout: 76 together.

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