Donna Stern
United States of America

Overturn Management’s Suspension of AFSCME Local 140 Unit Chair Donna Stern

Stand strong against any attempt to ram through ANY bad contract

Defend union members’ constitutional union rights

On 1/18/18 Tenet Management suspended AFSCME Local 140 Unit Chair Donna Stern from her job as a Telemetry Associate at Children’s hospital in retaliation for her union activity. Donna has been a voice for all the workers at the DMC, has fought tirelessly to strengthen the unions, improve wages and working conditions, and most recently, as a member of the Tenet bargaining team, was instrumental in achieving the historic and overwhelming 90% "NO" vote on Tenet’s bad contract offer. On the day she was suspended, she sponsored a rally to win a better contract – on non-work time and off DMC property -- despite management’s illegal threats to discipline her for exercising her constitutional right to free speech and assembly.

Tenet management’s assertion that they have power over the U.S. constitution, and can take away employees’ freedom of speech off the job, is completely outrageous and illegal. No judge will uphold it. The reason for management’s attacking basic constitutional rights is purely tactical. They do not believe they are going to get away with it over the long run. Tenet management believes if Donna is not in the hospitals to organize against the next attempt to force members to vote for a terrible contract, management will be able to intimidate other union leaders and union members into swallowing an indefensible contract that has not been significantly improved. Management is wrong. And if we don’t stop it here, the same tactics will be used against Sodexo workers next fall when the Sodexo contract expires.

We the undersigned declare our commitment to reject any bad contract at the same time that we are defending Donna Stern’s right to be reinstated. The attack on Donna is an attack on all of us, and on all basic constitutional and union rights. We declare we will not let management get away with any of it.

We, the undersigned, demand that management immediately rescind Ms. Stern’s suspension, that AFSCME Council 25 vigorously defend Donna Stern and demand she be immediately reinstated to her job, her record cleared, and that she receive full back pay. We further demand that she be able to fully represent her members and to run for office in upcoming union elections until she is fully reinstated.

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