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In June 2008, California's same sex couples were granted the right to marry by four Supreme Court judges; this was the first step to equality between Californians. This brought up much discussion in media and in communities in California ultimately causing this issue to come up on the November fourth ballet.

On November 4th 2008 the proposition passed to ban same sex marriage. It is unfair and wrong that this has happened due to the number of lies broadcast to the public in advertisements by yes on 8 supporters. They have caused much change and discrimination. A new rift has been made and now we are facing the set backs of not having equal rights.

We the undersigned would like the opportunity to overturn proposition 8. We believe that everyone should have the right to marry whomever they like whether they are straight, gay, or bisexual.

We believe in equality for all without any discrimination. No one should be able to tell a person who they are and aren't allowed to marry. The fundamental rights that our country was created on are being tampered with.

People's constitutional rights are being taken away and consequently opening the door to the manipulation of our constitution.

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