#Local Government
Doddington Parish Council
United Kingdom

It is a disgrace to ban the overwhelming majority of the parks users and label dog walkers as having "...blighted the park for years".

Dog walkers 'patrol' the park all day, 365 days a year, year after year.

Us dog walkers actually serve the community by deterring crime. It is a well accepted crime theory that the best deterrent for crime is other people.

The park is subject to joy riding youths, smashed bottles, and impromptu late night parties by delinquents, all this type of behaviour is actually prevented by the ever present dog walker.

Older people who only associate when walking their dogs, and get valuable exercise are also deprived of this opportunity.

Please sign the petition now and change the mind of short sighted Doddington Parish Council.

We the undersigned call on Doddington Parish Council to revoke the outright ban on Dogs on Doddington Park.

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