#Residential Disputes
Community Preservation Association, Overlook
United States of America

On behalf of the homeowners of Overlook Village at Hideout Canyon we are petitioning the HOA Board of Directors for the following:

1) Amend the CC&Rs to place the responsibility for staining the exteriors of the Overlook homes on the homeowners.  Reduce the HOA dues to reflect this shift in responsibility. If the situation arises that the homeowner does not maintain the exterior in a timely manner, the HOA retains the right to have the home stained and then charge the homeowner for the cost of the work.  

2) Include at least one resident of the Overlook Village on the Board of Directors who would represent the homeowners.

3) Provide financial transparency to the homeowners, i.e., sources of revenue and detailed line-item of expenses.

The undersigned members hereby request the board of directors set the earliest reasonable date, time and place for a special membership meeting of the Overlook Village Homeowners for the purpose of determining whether the majority of homeowner agree with eliminating exterior maintenance from the HOA budget and changing the CC&Rs accordingly.  We request the meeting notice be sent to the membership with ample time for the members to respond and participate. There should be teleconferencing available for homeowners not able to attend in person, given the part time occupancy of many homeowners, and the major impact of the proposed HOA dues increase on the value and marketability of their homes.

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