#Local Government
Elmhurst NY residents
United States of America

Consecutively, the United States Postal Service located in Elmhurst NY, has continued to provide the WORST, most inefficient, neglectful, and incompetent service possible. The prolonged lack of proper work ethics and responsibility has propagated a rage amongst local residents, who have experienced service conditions which include but not limited to: Loss of mail/packages, theft of mail/packages, lack or absence of proper notice (also known as the 'Pink slip'), fraudulent delivery notices, and just about the poorest performance rating and customer service. Need evidence? I have personally been affected as well as neighbors residing within the area. Please, check their Yelp reviews. (service conditions and reviews are also applicable to the majority if not all USPS stores in NYC areas.)

We, the undersigned, call on Megan J. Brennan and the local government to establish and enforce appropriate investigation. Furthermore, any legal and regulative measure deemed necessary to overhaul and bring back respect to the United States Postal Service.

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