#Human Rights
the Irish government

In the light of the debates surrounding the legislation of abortion in Ireland there are lot of documents being spread containing false, misleading and willfully confusing information.

Many anti-choice campaigners are trying to depict pro-choice campaigners as life-hating, atheist extremists that will use abortions as their number one contraception method.

The term "pro-life" indicates that their opponents are against life itself which, apart from being a ridiculous statement, is certainly untrue. Therefore we demand that the term "pro-life" gets banned from official use and replaced with a representative term, such as "anti-choice".

We, the undersigned, demand that the term "pro-life" be banned from official use and must be replaced with a more representative and less misleading term.

Existing organisations that use the term in their name have to change their organisations name and stop the use of the term "pro-life" in their campaigns.

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The Outlaw the term "pro-life" and change it to "anti-choice" petition to the Irish government was written by Julian Friesel and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.