The citizens of the city of Akron, Ohio
United States of America

I ask that justice be done for unborn children that are being aborted in the city of Akron, Ohio. Abortion is murder. This is evidenced by ultra sound images that show a living child in the womb.

We are killing off our next generation but it does not end there. We also will not have the generations that would have come from these babies had they not been murdered. We will never know how these babies would have turned out or what accomplishments they could have made.
The very act of abortion leaves many women with serious depression problems for the rest of their lives.

It also sometimes has physical consequences. Medical research has connected breast cancer as a side of effect of abortion that sometimes occurs and so also is permanent sterility.

We the people of the City of Akron, Ohio call on the city government to eliminate all abortuaries from the city of Akron, whether it be chemical abortuaries or surgical abortuaries permanently.

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