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The Corzine administration has recently announced plans to close 9 regional day schools by 2009 and all 18 schools by June 2010. The regional day schools provide intensive, 12 month educational programs for some of the State’s most vulnerable children including those with physical, developmental and behavioral disabilities, pregnant teens, and students who have been involved in the judicial system.

The Corzine administration has announced plans to close these important schools under the guise that it is no longer a part of the "core mission" of the Department of Children and Families. These schools have been successfully educating and caring for our State's most vulnerable children for 30 years and closing them would have a detrimental impact on the children and families who depend on them every day.

Please help keep our schools open!

We the undersigned request that Governor Jon S. Corzine rescind his plan of closing 18 Regional Schools to save 4 million dollars and make sure that these children are the Core Mission of the Department of Children and Families.

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