#Children's Rights
All Family Law Judges
United States of America

Child custody and child support guidelines in Pennsylvania are in great need of repair.

The issue of child custody in customary family court practices denies one parent or the other (mostly the father) the right to provide their children not just with what they need, but with what they are entitled to as well.

As research and studies have demonstrated, children do much better in life when they have equal access to both parents. However, if a child is denied a relationship with his or her father or mother or the child's relationship with the father or mother is dampened, society as a whole ultimately can suffer. And, as a result, this ends up being a major social issue.

Standard court orders in the areas of child support and child custody violate the US constitution and US Bill of Rights on a daily basis. There is very little legislatively or politically that is being done to change this.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States of America to allow equal rights to both mothers and fathers in family law.

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