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Chinese Embasadors all over the world

Wang Yue (nicknamed YUE YUE), a 2 year old toddler who died 2 days ago (October 20th 2011) in Foshan City of China.

Wang Yue wandered away from her mother when she was run over by a truck. The truck stopped for a moment, then ran over her again with the back wheels. People passed by with nothing as much as a glance to her body on the floor. A second truck ran over her body, 18 pedestrians passed by her and a motorcycle drove around her body.

Wang Yue was then picked up by a woman (Chen Xianmei, 58) who put her aside and her mother was found. She was sent to the hospital. The doctors reported her condition as 'brain dead but stable' for a few days.

Wang Yue perished October 21st.

Instead of labeling YUE YUE a victim, let her be a lesson and encouragement for reform and awareness.

This is a petition focusing on the Colombian-Chinese Ambassador. I encourage everybody to make a similar petition and forward it to their respective country Ambassadors.

The surveillance tape of the event (GRAPHIC CONTENT) :

Wherever you are, sign the petition.

Wang Xiaoyuan, Chinese Ambassadors arround the world
We, the International community, call for Chinese Government support for the Chinese lawyers who are in pursuit of new laws regarding Wang Yue's Death.

The lawyers are pushing for a law that would offer legal protection to bystanders who offer to help strangers who are injured or ill. Moreover, it has been proposed that such a law be paired with another that would punish those who see someone in need and refuse to help.

These laws are needed to completely erase the impression the Chinese community has, that assisting people who are in need of help will jeopardize their financial stability and criminal record. This is traceable to the Peng Yu case(2007, Nanjing) who helped an elderly woman and was sentenced to pay 40% of her medical bills.

The people in charge should take a stand and we believe you should represent the International voice regarding this matter.

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