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For close to a decade the Orlando Magic basketball team has had a Spanish radio game "color commentator" working with play-by-play announcer Joey Colon.

To our (the Hispanic fans and listeners) surprise and for no apparent reason this year the Spanish radio game "color commentator" position was eliminated. The position of "color commentator" has been filled by ex-NBA player Ramon Rivas for the last seven years.

This change only affected the Spanish radio games, as the English radio announcer Dennis Neumann and game "color commentator" Rich Adubato continue to work the games.

This action of the Orlando Magic Management is unfair and disrespectful towards us, Central Florida's Hispanic community and loyal fans of the Orlando Magic.

We, the Hispanic community of Central Florida and loyal fans of the Orlando Magic, ask and demand from the Orlando Magic Management that the Spanish game "color commentator" position reinstated. As we feel unappreciated, cheated and discriminated by teams decision of not keeping the same "guidelines" and "standards" of those offer to the English speaking radio listeners.

We ask you, Orlando Magic Management to respect our request and reinstate the Spanish radio games "color commentator" asap!!!

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