#Human Rights
Prevent media monopolies to manipulate news and minds in Civilized Countries.

Although every one has the right to express anything anywhere, there should be some control over opinions and informations labelled as news.

Whoever, using their access to unlimited resources as money, influence or power, such as Corporations, Political groups, Governmental institutions, Powerful lobbies, Defense, Energy and Military industries, Religious groups, Sectarian associations, Extremists of both left and right.

These groups of influence create a huge distortion over the perception that societies have of reality, and using elaborate techniques supported by unlimited resources modify, alter, deceit, hide or simply deny acces to the news. Being nowadays the main source of information to the general public (reading now is not a trend) the media has become the weapon and the way to spread both great education (documentaries, news, art) and the lack of it (hate, violence, extremism, war) or ignorance.

Is then, when not used appropriately, that media can become the real big brother, preventing whole groups of society to gain access to unbiased or unaltered information and education.

We, the undersigned, call on the UN to create a control board to oversee the correct and appropriate use of mass media resources by any government, group or individual.

This board is to ensure that no one uses such powerful means of communication to stimulate hate, promote racism, instigate wars, hide proven facts, create false news, deny access to individuals to rebate and manipulate the truth.

And we would like to emphasise specially three areas:

The right to access the true news from different angles, but without manipulation, either political or religious.

The right of every country, society and individual to their own religion and traditions and be respected for it.

The right to be educated in universal sciences without the interference from politics, religion or tradition.

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