National Synod of Church of England
United Kingdom

The Church of England is delaying the ordination of women as bishops.

We the laity are tired of waiting for this to happen.

We ask for resolution to come soon.

We, the undersigned, women and men in the pews, cannot support in any way those Bishops and Clergy in the church of England who are opposing, in our name, and for the sake of unquestioned tradition, the ordination of women as Bishops.

We fully understand, while not agreeing with, their arguments. We wish to inform all three Houses of Synod, of our desire to see women ordained as Bishops and to express our strong support for women candidates.

We are tired of the complications being put in the way of implementing the already agreed legislation without further modification to achieve this, and ask that this matter be speedily resolved. Only then can our Church spread love instead of discord.

This is our message to you: please sign this petition if as a lay member you agree with us.

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