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The Multimedia Design and Production course at Fanshawe College, London,ON is at present a two year program. We, the students, feel that it would benefit us as well as the school to put an optional third year in place. This third year would be an opportunity for us(the students) to specialize and gain more important knowledge in the fields of study that interest us.

At present, students are furthering their educations elsewhere. They are leaving Fanshawe and taking post Multimedia programs at other institutions.

We, the undersigned, belive it would be of great interest for Fanshawe College to put a third year in place for the Multimedia Design and Production course here at Fanshawe College.

Many students who have graduated the MMDP course in previous years have furthered their education in Post programs at other colleges. Many students about to graduate this year want to stay here at Fanshawe College to continue their education and specialize in a third year of the MMDP course.

There is a serious interest in Fanshawe College adding a third year to the MMDP course. The time to register for next year is soon approaching, and we will have to go elsewhere to further our education in the multimedia field if Fanshawe College does not put a third year in place.

Please sign below if you support the idea of Fanshawe College adding an optional third year to the Multimedia Design and Production course.

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