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12 years ago Optimum Security company, one of the fastest growing National and International Security organisation was set up and has now over hundred employees.

These employees' welfare is at stake as they risk losing their jobs and their entire hard working years lost as their Director is being removed from the U.K. by Friday 08/10/10.

The authorities may remove the Chairman only for purposes of immigration control on technical issues. The immigration authorities ought to use their discretion on this matter and place the welfare of the employees as a priority. The Chairman is an example of a hard working migrant who has contributed to the UK economy whilst his legal stay in the UK.

With the current economic climate, where it is difficult to find jobs and unemployment figures at the highest in a decade with experts predicting the jobless total will continue to rise, none of them want to face that difficult issue of job hunting, unemployment and stress related issues that go with it.

Every single one of these job losses will be a personal tragedy but even more so a real loss of personal skills and productivity to the UK economy. According to the Chief economist at the Institute of Directors Graeme Leach (2008), the only way for unemployment for the next year to year and a half is up. This is so evident now and poses great anxieties for the future of the Optimum employees.

The company closure will not only affect the employees but their families and the community at large. Many of them might be forced to rely on the Government handouts of which is putting an extra unnecessary strain to the government and all of the employees would rather keep their present jobs.

Optimum must carry on, keep the Chairman in the U.K.

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