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We are opposed to the recommendation to rezone NBCDs 1825, 1830, and 1860 from Henry Middle School to Middle School #8.

Our Concerns:

1. The committee states that the new feeder pattern recommendations were based upon the proximity of neighborhoods to MS #8 and the need to keep students within walking distance at their neighborhood campuses. However, Avery Ranch students who live in Austin will travel 6.5 miles, passing Henry Middle School in Cedar Park, to MS #8 in Leander. At the same time, students who are within walking distance of Cedar Park MS will be bused 4-5 miles across a major intersection to Henry MS.

2. Avery Ranch was not represented on the Attendance Boundary Committee.

3. Additional bus routes will need to be established in Avery Ranch, because our middle school and high school students will no longer be able to share buses. This will present more hazardous road conditions and result in an additional cost to a district that already has one of the highest tax rates in the area.

4. Bus rides that are already an hour long will be even longer for our students.

5. Traffic safety is a concern with the additional 9 miles of travel a day on the highly congested Parmer Lane. The risk will increase with additional traffic resulting from the development of Schlitterbahn and new homes and businesses.

6. Avery Ranch will experience a decline in property values due to the loss of a middle school in our community.

7. Volunteerism and involvement by Avery Ranch parents will decline due to the distance to the school.

8. A strong sense of community cohesiveness is critical to the success of schools and communities. It is difficult to maintain a sense of community when our schools are well outside of our community boundaries.

9. The distance between Vista Ridge HS and MS #8 and the rush hour traffic in the late afternoon will make it difficult for parents who have children at both schools who attend after-school activities to arrange transportation for their children.

10. Once Vista Ridge HS is over capacity, will Avery Ranch students again be redirected to a school outside of our community?

11. Is this move what is best for our kids, our families, and our community?

A long-term plan to keep LISD students in schools within their communities is overdue and necessary. The current system of planning for each instance of overcrowding or additional capacity is resulting in unreasonable boundaries and the fragmentation of communities.

We are opposed to the LISD Attendance Boundary Committee's recommendation to rezone NBCDs 1825, 1830, and 1860 (Avery Ranch) from Henry Middle School to Middle School #8.

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