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City of Houston Planning Commission
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City of Houston Chapter 42 Reference: 42-123; 42-135
Statement of facts:

(1a) Developer should comply with terms, rules, conditions, policies and standards set forth by the City of Houston in Chapter 42 Reference: 42-123; 42-135.

(1b) The variance granted the Renoir Condominiums in 2000 from widening or extending Alpha did not result in any additional flow on Alpha street. The sub-standard intersection of Alpha and Gross Streets is woefully inadequate to support the increased traffic volume that will be created if Alpha is the primary tenant entrance and exit for the parking garage for this development project. Due to the increased traffic flow opposing this variance is not unfair and it is good public policy

(2) The circumstances created by requesting this variance is a direct result of the planned South Shepherd Apartments redevelopment project.

(3). The intent and general purpose of this chapter will not be preserved and maintained if this variance is granted. The adjacent area’s grid street system is not adequate to support the substantial increase in traffic flow that would be created in this variance is granted.

(4) The granting of the variance will be injurious to public health, safety or welfare; The proposed replat will substantially alter the traffic flow volume on Alpha and adjacent area’s grid street system. The street pattern that currently exist for almost 100 years were not designed to adequately support adding 238 more residential to the area.

(5) Economic hardship us the sole justification of this variance.

We, the undersigned, call on the Houston Planning Commission to be opposed to the request for a variance for property located at 1015 S. Shepherd Drive, south of W. Dallas Street and north of Brentwood Drive. Vernon G. Henry & associates, Inc., the applicant has filed the request on behalf of Trammel Crow Residential, the developer of the property.

The specific variance being sought and extent of variance is… “Not to widen Alpha Street or Newhouse Street by 5 feet from 40 feet as originally platted, to 50 feet required in the street width exception are; not to extend Alpha through to Shepherd.”

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