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Columbia, MO City Council
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We are concerned that the process used by the City of Columbia, MO Water and Light Department to obtain feedback on the Transmission Power Line Project was flawed from the beginning; that complete information was not available when the Council was asked to vote on a conceptual route for the new high voltage transmission lines; and that the new implementation plan for line placement will significantly damage property values, neighborhood aesthetics, health and safety of area residents.

Three conceptual transmission line route options were originally presented to the Columbia City Council. They were known as Option A, Option B and Option B-2:
• At the time of the original conceptual option presentation, the scope of the power line project was not clearly conveyed.
• Surveys regarding this project were distributed by the City, but customers who receive electrical service from Boone Electric, who make up a large part of the impacted service area, did NOT receive the survey, and only 1,500 surveys were returned city-wide
• Many selection criteria for pole placement and route were ignored such as: avoidance of residential areas; avoidance of churches and schools; selection of the most economical route; and least disruption to existing vegetation and property

The City’s newly released, detailed plan for implementation of power line route (Option A):
• Is located in close proximity to schools, churches and senior living communities
• Is more expensive than other available options
• Infringes on more residential properties than other available options.
• Will diminish the value and use of many properties along the proposed route.

For the above stated reasons and in consideration of other factors that may have a negative impact on this community, we, the undersigned, ask that the Columbia City Council reject the proposed plan of implementation and transmission line route known as Option A and adopt an alternative known as Option B or B-2, both reflect more economical construction costs and were the publicly favored routes according to the City’s decision-making matrix.

Furthermore, we would ask the City of Columbia to adopt the resolution set forth by the Columbia Council of PTA’s which recommends High Voltage Power lines NOT be placed near schools. If it is necessary to put these lines near schools, we request consideration of burying the lines.

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