#Neighborhood Living
Ald. Helen Shiller and Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals
United States of America

We are writing in reference to the 3 properties owned by the WPGC Buddhist Temple. They are requesting approval for zoning variances for all three properties below.

**** 4740 North Racine. *****
They are requesting a special use variance to establish a temple/religious use facility within the structure. We have no problem with the special use. What we do have is the fact that they are using the entrance for this establishment in the rear of the property, (which leads to the other zoning variances they are requesting). We do NOT approve of the alley usage.

**** 4731/4735 North Magnolia. *****
They are requesting a variance in order to reduce the rear yard open space and side yard space to “0”. This is sadly after the fact that they have already completely demolished everything that was existing in those yards, including landscaping.

We, the undersigned, are completely and totally against this for the following reasons:

1. It has a significant adverse impact on the general welfare of the neighborhood, by
a) creating significant more traffic and congestion, noise, etc.,
b) endangering the safety of neighbors and visitors

2. Is NOT compatible with the character of the surrounding area in terms of site planning and project design. This is a RESIDENTIAL neighborhood. There are no businesses on the 4600-4700 blocks of Magnolia. Magnolia does share an alley with Racine, which does have businesses on it, however the only small parking lot that exists, is on the Racine side of the alley, a very small lot for the Pancake House.

3. Is NOT designed to promote pedestrian safety and comfort.

We ask that if you will not deny these zoning variances, you at least make some conditions for approval.

Our suggestions for these are as follows:

1. We would be opposed to the tearing down of either home, as we feel strongly about preserving both of these homes.

2. The parking must be landscaped and or fenced. It is extremely unattractive the way it is now.

3. If the parking remains, they cannot under any circumstances “rent” the spots out.

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