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This petition is in response to legislation that has been introduced in the Colorado General Assembly. The measure, Senate Bill 213 would set the stage for tolls being assessed on I-70 from Floyd Hill to the Eisenhower Tunnel in Colorado.

A wide range of groups and individuals oppose SB 213 because they believe that it will not solve the transportation problems on this corridor. In addition this proposal is premature in light of the fact that a study process is being conducted to define the best transportation solutions for this corridor. Along with this, these groups are concerned as to the harmful effects that tolling the highway may have on our state economy and businesses along the I-70 corridor.

We are asking interested individuals through this petition to let our General Assembly know that they oppose tolls on I-70.

For more information on this issue, please go to www.cmca.com

We, the undersigned, oppose tolling of existing highway lanes on I-70 as called for within Colorado Senate Bill 213. We believe that taxpayers have already paid for our existing highway system with state and federal highway user fees. To assess tolls on I-70 would represent double taxation.

Further we believe that tolling the existing lanes of I-70 will not solve the transportation problems on this corridor but rather increase congestion.

Finally, adding tolls on I-70, will increase costs for ALL Colorado residents because a substantial amount of our groceries, construction materials, fuel, electronics, mail, and various other consumer and business products travel over I-70. These additional costs will translate into higher prices for Colorado consumers who are already experiencing record fuel prices, increasing food costs, surging foreclosures, and a sluggish economy.

We respectfully ask that the Colorado General Assembly reject SB 213 and any other efforts to place tolls on I-70’s existing lanes.

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