#Students' Rights
Russell Group, local MPs, Vice Chancellor
United Kingdom

The proposal by the Russell Group that graduates be asked to start repaying their student loans earlier and at a higher interest rate is unfair and should be opposed. http://bit.ly/bf3lKQ

Student Loans are supposed to allow us time to find a good job and start earning a reasonable sum of £15,000 before we start paying it back.

Particularly with this job market it seems absurd to levy such high interest, when lots of students can't even get a job to pay off the previous interest rates (as this year it is currently set at 0)

Universities need to find better ways of funding themselves, rather than seeing us as an easy target for money making.

I have requested that you fill in your address details only so I can make sure I send the petition to the right MPs. This petition was intended for, but doesn't have to be just for, Southampton Students. Anyone else can sign it - and I will try and ensure that your signatures of opposition go to the right people.

We, the undersigned, oppose the Russell Group proposals for student loans.

We call for the Russell Group to look for alternative ways of finding funding, for our Vice Chancellor to properly represent our students and oppose the proposals, and for local MPs to represent and support students nationally on this issue.

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