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Chesapeake, VA City Council
United States of America

This re-zoning, proposed by a Virginia Beach developer, goes to the City Council on June 19th. If the Council approves the request to re-zone the old strawberry field, it will allow:

-a change from low-density single familiy homes to medium-density multi-family homes;

-condominiums squeezed just 10 feet apart;

-157 units into a space the size of Braddock Landing (3x the density).

This re-zoning poses many risks to the home owners in Western Branch and the city of Chesapeake, offering nothing in return.

As a citizen of the Western Branch Community or Chesapeake resident, I am concerned about school over-crowding, property values and/or Bruce Road safety and therefore; I oppose a change in the current zoning.

This change would allow construction of higher density housing at The Western Branch Reserve (R(C)-11-11 along Bruce Road in Chesapeake.

Therefore: I oppose this proposal and oppose any change in the current zoning to accommodate this development.

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