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Tell elected officials and regulators to stop this project as currently proposed, which would adversely impact orca migration behavior and habitat, and set a dangerous precedent for orca protection!

Two tidal turbines are planned to be placed within critical habitat of the Endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale population in the Pacific Northwest.

These turbines each weigh over 380 metric tons and are approximately 4 stories high (see above photo of similar turbine installed in Nova Scotia). The turbines would be located in Admiralty Inlet -- the sole passageway for orcas entering and leaving this area of Puget Sound.

Please email the below message to elected officials and regulators listed below who are responsible for reviewing the turbines, and please use the letter provided (add additional language to reflect your individual level of concern) to the following list of elected officials and regulators:

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: David Turner -- david.turner@ferc.gov

NOAA: Kim Hatfield -- kim.hatfield@noaa.gov

Department of Energy: David Danielson -- david.danielson@ee.doe.gov

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee: Sam Ricketts -- sam.ricketts@gov.wa.gov

Senator Patty Murray: Shawn Bills -- shawn_bills@murray.senate.gov

Senator Maria Cantwell: Pete Modaff -- pete_modaff@cantwell.senate.gov

Rep. Susan DelBene: Aaron Schmidt -- aaron.schmidt@mail.house.gov

Rep. Rick Larsen: Kim Johnston -- kim.johnston@mail.house.gov

Rep. Derek Kilmer: Jonathan Smith -- jonathan.smith@mail.house.gov

Rep. Jim McDermott: Toby Whitney -- toby.whitney@mail.house.gov

Rep. Adam Smith: Shana Chandler -- shana.chandler@mail.house.gov

Rep. Dennis Heck: Jami Burgess -- jami.burgess@mail.house.gov

Dear (Elected Politician),

I understand that two tidal turbines are currently planned for siting in the Admiralty Inlet area of Puget Sound, within the critical habitat of the Endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales.

I strongly oppose this proposal and urge you to oppose the application for the turbines’ license now pending at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Docket No. P-12690 (Admiralty Inlet Pilot Tidal Project), and tell the Department of Energy to decline a pending $10 million federal grant for the project.

Allowing these structures in a critical passageway for the Endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale population poses an unacceptable risk to this endangered species, and sets a dangerous precedent for siting of future projects within their critical habitat.

Thank you.

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