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Currently Nebraska has just over 400 licensed pet breeders in the state. Nebraska has a great program to ensure the care, health and well-being of animals.

The state inspectors inspect each and every licensed kennel at a minimum of once every 24 months, this is a minimum, and inspectors can inspect at any time they wish. The results of inspections for the last two years show that 98% of all licensed are in compliance with the Commercial Dog and Cat Inspection Act.

Responsible Nebraska breeders DO NOT in any shape or form condone any substandard breeding practices or mistreatment of any companion animals. Our current regulations in Nebraska have proven that we are very responsible animal owners.

We the undersigned pet enthusiast call on our Nebraska Senators to Oppose LB 677.

The Oppose LB 677: Protect Responsible Nebraska Breeders petition to Commercial Breeders was written by Denise Blede and is in the category Animal Welfare at GoPetition.

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