Rick Santorum & Arlen Specter
United States of America

Congress is about to begin voting on the FMA (Federal Marriage Ammendment). The FMA discriminates against homosexuals who wish to be married. It says that marriage can only take place between a man and a woman, not two men or two women because those aren't "right." Well, who are they to tell us what is morally right? Not everyone is of a religion that believes this. Some people are but still believe it is wrong to force their beliefs on others. Well, it IS wrong to force your beliefs on others, so PLEASE sign this petition to get the Pennsylvania senators to vote against the FMA and allow freedom to everyone.

Senators Santorum and Specter, we would like to implore that you vote against the FMA. We believe it is a violation of civil rights and all people, regardless of sexual orientation should be allowed to wed. Voting for this ammendment is saying that homosexuals aren't human enough for weddings, and this is NOT right. Please vote against the discriminatory FMA.

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