#Civil Rights
NSW Government

The NSW government has announced that by June 1 a variety of venues will be able to have up to 50 patrons inside them at one time. Churches and other places of worship have been excluded from this allowance. Places of worship will still only be allowed a maximum of 10 individuals inside at one time. This is considered unfair by many people of faith.


Dear NSW Government,

As a person of faith, I strongly urge you to consider the re-opening of churches and places of worship in line with similar allowances for pubs, cafes and restaurants provided they take appropriate social distancing measures.

It is unfair that pubs, cafes and other venues are able to have up to 50 individuals inside them at one time by June 1, but places of worship are stuck at 10 individuals at one time.

Places of worship are not optional extras in the life of practicing Christians and people of other faiths, they are as essential as their local supermarket or health clinic.

My place of worship is an essential service for me, my friends and my family.

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