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It has been reported that Lincoln Park Pool will remain closed for the season due to a maintenance issue. Therefore, swim lessons and recreational swim will not be available the neighboring community.

We, the undersigned, seek to open Lincoln Park Pool for the upcoming summer season. The Lincoln Park Pool is a valuable and appreciated service to the surrounding neighborhoods. Particularly the youth. Keeping the pool closed for the summer would have a huge impact on the children and families that St. Vincent DePaul Day Care serves.

Our center utilizes this pool every summer for recreational swim and swim lessons for all of our children. We currently have 60 school age children. Without this pool, our children will not have the advantage of swim lessons. We have attended this lessons for over ten (10) years. It would be a travesty if this priviledge is taken away.

We understand that in this economy, local government is having to trim costs and cut back. If this is the cause of not repairing the pool, we offer that the City and Parks Department look elsewhere for the funding to get the pool operating. We also propose considering a moderate increase in user and participant fees, if that would help to keep the pool open. The opening of Lincoln Park Pool represents an irreplaceable and vital hub of community activity week after week through the hot summer months.

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