Atlanta Department of Transportation, City Council District 6 + At-Large
United States of America

Cheshire Bridge caught on fire due to a gas leak on Monday August 2nd, 2021. Since that time, the City of Atlanta has deemed that the bridge must be rebuilt with a one year estimation for reopening.

Businesses located on either side of Cheshire Bridge have been severely impacted with a drastic loss of business, due to lack of alternative routes.

These are businesses that have already been struggling due to the devastating effects of COVID-19. For many, this additional impediment of business can be the tipping point towards permanent closure. If this was a case of a couple of months, these businesses might be able to hold on, but with the estimate of the bridge taking an entire year to reopen, there is no way many of the neighborhood businesses will be able to survive.

Additionally, neighborhood residents are severely impacted. As an older Atlanta community, there are many elderly residents living in the Piedmont Heights neighborhood. Medical care and the deliveries they rely on are all delayed on a daily basis.

We, the businesses of Cheshire Bridge and members of the Piedmont Heights community, are imploring the Atlanta Department of Transportation and District 6 City Council to expedite the reconstruction and reopening of Cheshire Bridge. We feel that many of our local businesses and residents can not survive an extended closure. We greatly appreciate your expedition of this project.

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