#Human Rights
Stephen Harper

The right to keep and bear arms was introduced in the bill of rights in 1688. Unfortunately the governments have since widdled down our rights as both Canadians and human beings the right to self defense.

The law in Canada says you can defend your life with equal force of your attacker, it also says the law acknowledges the possibility of an individual requiring a restricted handgun for protection from other individuals when police protection is insufficient.

You know when someone confronts you when the police are not around, or when the opportunity to even call the police is unavailable. However, what stops you from this is the rcmp wont allow you an open carry permit to protect your life.

But oddly enough they give them out to places when the handling of valuable goods are concerned, you know like the governments money; but your life I guess is not valuable enough to get one. so please sign this petition and thanks for your time.

We the undersigned call on the government of Manitoba to allow open carry permits for the use of self defense in Manitoba.

This will allow all law abiding citizens, who pass a safety background check and also a safety course, the right to bear arms.

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