#Students' Rights
Barnstable High School student body
United States of America

We believe that seniors at Barnstable High School deserve to have an open campus when it concerns leaving the school to attend lunch around the town.

As of the 2008-09 year, seniors do not have many privileges, and we fully believe that an open campus during lunch block would benefit seniors for the future.

I think most, if not all of the students would agree that an open campus is a good idea.

We, as current seniors at Barnstable High, feel that we deserve more freedom. This year, senior privileges have been at a minimum and we feel that this would be a good privilege to have.

Our idea is that our school should have local businesses agree to service our students. If these select businesses agree to service these seniors, one idea is requiring these select businesses to keep sign in sheets for these students.

This way, we can keep track of who leaves for lunch and where they go. It is an easy way to make sure each student is doing what they should, and not breaking any school rules.

In the case of liability concerns, we feel that a good idea would be to have students sign an agreement before the school year starts that will have to be signed by parents and possibly local lawyers. This would ensure that anything that happens to a student while they are off campus, the school will not be held liable.

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