#Human Rights
Home Affairs Select Committee
United Kingdom

Parliament's Home Affairs Select Committee are about to hold an Inquiry in to Asylum - covering all aspects of the UK system from screening, detention, Fast Track, destitution, media reporting, women and the vulnerable, and outcomes of the system.

This Inquiry follows the committee of MP's damning report on the thoroughly discredited UKBA, which is now being shut down, as Movement for Justice had called for. Submissions to the Inquiry describe deaths and brutal deportations of asylum seekers like Jackie Nanyonjo, detention of the elderly, ill and pregnant and vulnerable, indefinite detention and destitution.

Hearing the direct, open live testimony of the experience of all aspects of the asylum system from those who experience it is essential, as the key prerequisite of the Inquiry to fully comprehend the system as it is, and to fix the broken system that exists. Our petition and action is crucial so that change is not merely cosmetic, and Britain live up to its promise of sanctuary, safety and equality.

We call on the Home Affairs Select Committee Inquiry panel on Asylum to give refugees, asylum seekers, both inside and outside detention, and their supporters a voice in creating a new, rational, fair and streamlined asylum system.

We call on the Inquiry to hear this testimony in public meetings, which for those in detention can be conducted in the gym or other large room facilities in the centre’s, in which to hear live testimony from detainees.

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