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For many years now, Ibanez players, Guitar and Bass players alike, have called for a custom shop. For this the guitar would then meet their exact specifications and to their standard. Ibanez is highly capable of this, as shown with their LACS instruments, open exclusively to artists endorsed by Ibanez.

If Ibanez opened a custom shop, this would then also give them a higher place in the market, as most people are now buying custom guitars from other manufacturers and Ibanez is losing custom. Ibanez are the leading brand for extended range instruments too, such as the 7 and 8 string guitars, which is where Ibanez lacks the most punch, having less significantly less guitars for 7 string players compared to other manufacturers and only one 8 string guitar currently in production.

I hereby ask you to sign this petition, so Ibanez will open a custom shop to the general public, not necessarily LACS, but maybe a custom shop elsewhere. To give the customer what they want, how they want it.

We need all the support we can get as musicians and Ibanez should be supporting us as we support them.

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