This petition is to benefit the future of #Anime and all its future, as well as current users. The fact is, #Anime has too few ops, and a majority of the time the ops who are on Idle and neglet the channel. This is usually during the very late hours, when I am on, and when spammers are rampant.

This has been going on for a very long time, and it is my goal to put a stop to it. If I am opped in #Anime, I will stop at nothing to rid the channel of Spammers, idiots, flammers, and all other annoying users from constipating the natural splendor of #Anime.

I will strive for perfection in creating a tolerable atmosphere for ALL users and walks of IRC life. Whether you're a new commer to #Anime, or a long time user who is just as sick of idling, and under-assisted Ops as I am, presenting me, Crowley, with an AOp in #Anime will benefit you and the channel greatly.

Give Crowley an AOp in #Anime on DALnet

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