Minister of Energy, Province of Ontario, Canada

There are approx. 154,000 seasonal residents in the Province of Ontario. many seasonal residents are not aware that they may be overpaying by up to 61% for electricity received from Hydro One Networks Inc. ("HON"). Why?


HON RESIDENTIAL RATES - 1000 KWHs per month,
high density road a/o May 1st 2010:
Delivery- year-round resident - $60.72 per month,
Delivery - seasonal resident - $97.80 per month,
DIFFERENCE - $37.08 per mo. or $445.00 per yr.
= 61% DISPARITY in residential electric rates.

There is no justification for HON to charge 61% more for the delivery of electricity to seasonal residents because there appears to be no additional cost incurred by HON to service different classes of residential customers on the same road. HON as a government-owned monopoly has a clear duty to:

1) fix fair & equitable rates, &

2) not discriminate against different residential customers without just cause.


That in view of the fact seasonal residents are overpaying for the delivery of electric power; we request that you direct HON to immediately eliminate the unfair, delivery premium charged to seasonal residents:

The Undersigned

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