#Students' Rights
The University of Adelaide

This year the University of Adelaide raised the cost of printing by 60% in the name of sustainable practices and to discourage students from printing such a large amount.

The SRC believes that whilst it is important to protect the environment, the University has not introduced enough measures to properly tackle the large amount of printing.

20% of undergraduate student printing is done for the submission of assignments. If the University really wishes to lower the amount of printing done than they need to eliminate a fifth of the need for printing.

Furthermore, it is time for our education to join us in the 21st century. Lectures should be recorded and made available online to compliment the changing needs of students, who increasingly need to work or have other commitments during typical university hours.

Additionally, students who are already struggling financially often cannot afford the often high expense of readers and would benefit from being able to access these online.

In short, the students of the University of Adelaide need:
1) To be able to submit their assignments online
2) To be able to access recordings of their lectures for revision purposes and to accommodate the changing lifestyles students lead
3) To be able to access, for free, readings, course guides and course notes through MyUni

We, the undersigned, call on The University of Adelaide to implement university wide policies that:

1) Mandate that students should be able to submit their assignments online;

2) Mandate that all lectures must be recorded and made available online; and

3) Mandate that all course readers, guides and notes be made available online through MyUni.

We call on The University of Adelaide to implement these policies by no later than 30th November 2012.

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