To get a game called RoamMania to be released and free to play online
United Kingdom

There should be a free online game where you can just explore a free open world.

We, the undersigned think there should be a free roaming online game called 'Roam-Mania'. It should be a free-to-play MMORPG (massively multiplayer online game), without having to download anything. You do have to register and make a username and customize a car to drive.

The game should allow you to explore & race in a massive 3D city, with over 512 miles (823 kilometres) of open road. The game should include many boroughs. It should also include a mountain zone, called 'RumCove Mountains', which has 63 mountain peaks, which players can drive up to the summit. The highest mountain should be called 'Mount Gainsborough', about 1,412 metres high. It should as high as it would be in the real world (just a little above the clouds) and if you would be driving up the mountain (as playing the game), it would take you about 1 hour, but it depends on your speed.

Also there should be stops on the way, like lookouts and car parks. It should also include a massive highway system, with lots of interstates/motorways to be driven on, with lots of motorway junctions as well. It should also include big airports, with car parks, which you can go into to go into an aeroplane to fly around the city, just a round trip. There should also be a beach and an ocean nearby. There should be a grand pier where you can look out to the sea. There should also be good designed bridges to cross the rivers and seas. There should also be cable cars you could drive into to get from one mountain to another.

There is also a speedway where you can go into the infield, drive around the track, and the audience seating area, where other cars can also sit.

On racing, you can play with players all over the world in a multi-player sort of game. You can play races on the speedway.

A lot of people would like a game like this, so please sign this petition in hopes we can create a game like this for anyone to play.

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