ArenaNet, Inc.

First public Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend event began on April 27 and finished April 29. During those three days, servers were stress tested, bugs were reported, poll forms were filled but most importantly - immense amounts of fun were had.

It's safe to say that this beta event was very successful - with minimal lag and fairly good optimization. Players enjoyed every aspect of the game, from PvE through PvP to WvWvW. This however, left most of the players speculating on the next Beta Event date, unable to enjoy the game they've prepurchased and already played.

It is understandable that opening servers again is not an easy task. However, current state of the beta, despite some content not implemented is more than enough to enjoy the game and we believe that ArenaNet could take that step for its loyal customers.

We, the undersigned, would appreciate any form of active servers, fully expecting to be running older versions of the game, even if this would delay future up-to-date Beta Weekend Events.

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