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Chaney, Charles R. P.O. Box 8 Rayville, LA 71269 (318)728-5875 (318)728-5876
United States of America

This petition is to propose a one time registration fee of all private motorboats or sailboats on waters of the state of Louisiana because renewal is not necessary.

We, the undersigned, do concur with the provisions of this petition and implore the members of the Louisiana Congress to consider it as the voice of the people have proposed.

A one time fee for a private motorboat or sailboat registration in the state of Louisiana shall be one price and it shall never expire unless transferred to someone else.

The prices shall be set as stated in RS 34:851.20 A.(1)(a)$20, (b)$25, and (c)$30+$2 per ea. ft. over 18'. No additional fees shall be added. This includes processing, transfer, shipping and handling, convenience fees, etc. This will nullify RS 34:851.20 (C) and (N). No fee shall be charged to pay online for a registration of such craft. Residents shall maintain the identification numbers so that they are legible. This fee shall not be required to be renewed as long as the owner has it in his or her possession.

If the motorboat or sailboat is transferred to another person then the purchaser shall pay the price for a new registration. The federal government shall have no jurisdiction in these fees.

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