#Civil Rights
ACLU & Mayor of Palmer, Alaska (jcombs@palmerak.org)
United States of America

Please watch the video on YouTube and witness for yourself the violation of this old man's Civil Rights. While carrying a banner expressing his Constitutional Right to Free Speech and Press, he was bullied by security when he refused to put the banner down.


Dear Advocates:

As you have witnessed via YouTube, an older American was detained and brutalized by security officers at the Alaska State Fair.

This incident was a shameful display of the inequality that has transpired since President Obama has been in office. We believe had the banner been Pro-Obama there would have been no issue or perhaps had the banner been Anti-GW there would have been no issue.

While people were sporting t-shirts with opinions printed on them the security men made no issue.
They only chose to harass and injure an old man exercising his right to free speech.

The signers of this petition believe the man's right to free speech was violated and had the officers been real policemen, he would have been a true victim of police brutality.

We believe the State of Alaska owes him a formal apology to be aired on both YouTube and CNN news.

We believe the officers who detained and injured him should be prosecuted.

We believe the ACLU should investigate the treatment of the man.

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