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Parental Alienation also know as, Hostile Aggressive Parenting involves a series of behaviors, can effectively alienate a child from a parent. They are often seen in the context of high conflict divorce or custody cases, and are done by a third party, such as a parent, or extended family.

Such behaviors interfere with the bond between a loving parent and child. It is a severe form of child abuse that is far to often overlooked and ignored within our own state's family court systems.

These behaviors can include speaking negatively about a parent to, or in front of, a child; interfering with communication and visitation, such as denial of, limiting, and/or monitoring, moving and leaving no contact information; denying the targeted parent information regarding the child's life, allowing children to make inappropriate decisions, such as if they want to see the other parent; and discussing inappropriate information with a child, such as details of the marriage, having a child relay inappropriate demands, court proceedings, and financial matters.

The most common response of a child exposed to alienating behaviors is extreme resistance to contact with, or fear of, a parent without any justifiable cause.

These behaviors are both painful and destructive, and can leave deep and long-lasting emotional scars on a child persisting well into adulthood. Research has shown that children who have been alienated from a parent show a greater percentage of depression, low self-esteem, drug and alcohol problems, and difficulties in their own relationships.

While not everyone agrees on the terminology, most mental health and legal professionals acknowledge and agree that alienating behaviors, such as those above are damaging.

These behaviors, designed to take advantage of a child’s suggestibility and dependency, leave a child feeling confused, frightened, and insecure; all which are the results of being used, manipulated, and unprotected.

They can result in the loss of a relationship with a previously loving, supportive, and nurturing parent, and, in fact, send a message, that half of the child that is that of the other parent is unworthy. The child has “lost” a parent, and is given no permission to grieve.

Parental Alienation behaviors, under the term, Parental Interference, must be recognized, understood, and addressed to allow a child to love and be loved by both parents, regardless of the parents’ relationship to each other.

Please don't allow another child to suffer due to parental interference. Make the difference by signing this petition.

By your understanding the needless pain and suffering of innocent children you can appreciate that every signature is going to make a difference to help abolish this common abuse due to parental interference.

Remember “When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better.”

Children have an inborn sense of justice, mercy and love for both parents that shouldn't be denied as a result of a vindictive parent or a complacent legal system.

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We The Undersigned Call Upon The Senate/Congress Of The State of Oklahoma to stop parents from using their children for the sole purpose of revenge against their spouse, which in turn stunts the child’s development, psychologically, emotionally, mentally and intellectually.

We Call upon our Representatives to Take Measures to Preserve Family Integrity by making Parental Alienation A Crime Punishable By Law. By enacting the proposed measures knows as the following:

"Judgment and Restitution for Parental Interference." A New Law relating to Domestic Abuse Reporting resulting in parental interference; recognizing and authorizing victims of parental interference to bring civil action; providing for the recovery of damages, costs and attorney fees; providing procedures for filing civil action; prohibiting reliance on certain defense; authorizing the court to assess against the movant all expenses; appointment of guardian ad litem for person under eighteen (18); appoint counseling services to the person in violation.

This law would allow the targeted parent to seek restitution, guardian ad litem appointed, one of the following appointed, psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical social worker, professional counselor or marriage and family therapist, to the targeting parent and child(ren), court may assess against parties all costs, etc

"Domestic Abuse Reporting Act - Penalties for False Child Abuse Information." A New Law relating to Criminal Procedure; creating an offense out of making a false report of child abuse; authorizing the court to assess against the movant all expenses; punishable by a maximum of $1,000.00.

"Parental Interference in the first degree" A New Law relating to kidnapping; providing for consideration of modifying court considerations and procedure in determining custody.

"KIDNAPPING - ELEMENTS." An Amendatory Act relating to Jury Instructions on kidnapping. This amendment includes the criteria for the Parental Interference to be unlawful as kidnapping.

"Violation of Child Custody Court Order - Emergency or Protective Custody." An Amendatory
Act relating to crimes and punishments; which relates to the violation of order of any court of this state granting custody of a child. This amendment will clear up vague terms and phrases placing stricter consequences on parent who violates a valid joint-custody order from any court of this state.

Separated and divorced parents should not have the legal right to damage, and sabotage the child’s relationship with the other parent. This is child abuse and it should be punishable by law. Nor are children the mere creature of the State.

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