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Still in the early stages, a theory of Dr. Zamboni's, if proven and accepted by the medical community, may provide new life to millions of MS patients around the world. A report on W5, on CTV in Canada, reports that Dr. Zamboni has relieved the symptoms of some MS patients by treating a vein condition found in the neck and upper chest.

Dr. Zamboni's Liberation Treatment: Dr. Zamboni reported in the interview that he has found that some patients' veins that transport blood from the brain are twisted and blocked. This also may cause blood to flow backwards into the brain, depositing high levels of iron. Deposits of iron can be toxic in the brain and may set off a series of immune reactions leading to MS.

Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCVI), as Dr. Zamboni has termed his findings, can be treated using "The Liberation Treatment." It involves a procedure similar to that used to repair coronary arteries in angioplasty.

Dr. Paolo Zamboni Offers Hope to MS Patients: New Findings About Possible Cause of Multiple Sclerosis http://www.suite101.com/content/dr-paulo-zamboni-offers-hope-to-ms-patients-a172795#ixzz11317yfnv

To the legislative Assembly of Ontario:

Whereas, thousands of people suffer from Mutliple Sclerosis.

Whereas, there is a treatment for chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency and universally practiced procedure that is low risk and at relatively low expense;

We, the Undersigned, petition the Legistlative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

That the Minister of Health agrees to proceed with clinical trials of the venoplasty treatment to fully explore its potential to bring relief to the thousands of Ontarians afflicted with multiple sclerosis.

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