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Ohio Senate Bill 24 is an attempt to remove power from institutions and give it to the state. Universities across the state of Ohio already have rules similiar to these in place to protect students, and the universities should be in charge of dealng with these situations. State Senator Larry Mumper(R) has been quoted in a Columbus Dispatch article voicing concerns over democrats, card carrying communists, and socialists who he claims are taking over colleges, and indoctrinating student's minds who are not developed enough to form their own opinions.

These statements are highly political, and only point out his aim to silence the left, and nothing about the right. The bill is flat out written too broad and its reach is unknown.

This bill aims to remove controversial topics from the classroom and remove the ability to challenge opinions to allow for better understanding. We must stop the Ohio Senate from passing this legislation. Please, only Ohioians sign this petition

By signing this petition, we are showing our opposition to Ohio Senate Bill 24, and ask that this legislation be stopped immeadiately.

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