#Animal Welfare
General Assembly & Ohio BMV
United States of America

Team Greyhound of Ohio is coordinating an EXCITING effort to create an Ohio “Adopt a Greyhound” License Plate to recognize and generate funds to help with veterinary bills, every day foster dog costs and special training (obedience)for the retired greyhounds.

Many people in Ohio are active in greyhound adoption and truly value their mission to support the greyhounds – it’s an important part of their lives.

By participating in this project, it also gives volunteers of Team Greyhound of Ohio and affiliates an opportunity to help promote, support, and further the awareness of greyhound adoption state wide.

All proceeds generated will go to Team Greyhound of Ohio and dispersed to North Coast Greyhound Connection, Inc. and a portion of the total proceeds will also be donated to the Greyhound Health & Welfare Program at Ohio State University.

We, the undersigned, wish to have the State of Ohio Legislature consider a bill to authorize the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to produce specialty license plates designated to Team Greyhound of Ohio.

We the undersigned also do hereby intend to purchase Adopt a Greyhound Specialty License Plates from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

We understand there will be an additional cost to the standard license plate fee and also understand a portion of the proceeds will go to the designated fund.

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